Boxing Day

Christmas Times 2012

It took me weeks to find the earrings I hoped she would like. It took seconds for her to unwrap them and then another minute for her to find the words to tell me that, while she really loves me, I’m a bit of a Nethanderal when it comes to jewelry.

Oh well, perhaps I’ll get her a book next time. Jamie Oliver has a new one out.

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9 Responses to Boxing Day

  1. kiwirebecca says:

    Ha! Perfect real life example 😀

    • Patrick says:

      Hope you did better than she did.

      • kiwirebecca says:

        This happened to me recently, my partner put so much effort into buying this bracelet that I didn’t dear say anything. That’s why I like your story. Your story to me illustrates how gift buying for woman is hit or miss sometimes, but you’ve just got to keep trying. The fact he went to a shop to specially get you something surely should be enough! 😀

  2. Oh dear, but I’m sure she loves him anyway 🙂

  3. Elaine Peters says:

    Merry Christmas, Patrick. The answer is – earrings AND cook book!

  4. Elaine McKay says:

    Oh how true! Present buying is so difficult. I like the ‘second’ and then the ‘minute’ time frame. Neanderthal?

    • Patrick says:

      Thanks for comment.
      I originally used Neanderthal but my spell check got sulky and so I googled and found Nethanderal in lots of the results, but lazily, didn’t dig deeper. I’ll leave it as it is as a reminder to myself to research more diligently.

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