Time for Love

Yesterday I downloaded some new software
To show my sweetheart I really care.
It’s the IPad App Pages
(I’ve been wanting it for ages).
And it’ll let me write
Deep into the night
Without switching on the bedside light.

No more demands, no more commands
To “Please not tonight. Think of my plight.
I need my sleep. I’ve counted my sheep.
You’re off your head. You can’t share my bed
With the blight of that light
In my eyes. Get wise.
Bring back the darkness. Don’t be so heartless.

“Go get the app Pages. It’ll put an end to my rages.
It’ll let you scribble your usual drivel
Without the lamp, without the glare
Bringing internecine, sleepytime,
Domestic, warfare.
Go do it! Don’t delay it! That’s not the way to play it!
If you want to share your bed with me”.

So I did it. I bought it.
I’ve bitten the bullet.
And now I have all I need.
To allow me to write without any light
Deep, deep into the night.

But why would I write write write deep into the night
When I can languish in her arms enjoying her charms?
The time to write is not at night. Not.
When I’m in my sweetheart’s arms.

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